About Us

About Us

In September 2013, Assistant Governor of Rotary Sierra Leone District 9101, Rotarian Sheila John contacted a few former colleagues, friends and acquaintances to spread the ideals of Rotary that would lead into the formation of or birthing of a new Rotary club in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  This intention was indeed realized in 2014!

The ideal of joining a hub that brings people together, each with their own set of skills and expertise, to do good in the world was very enticing and overwhelming. The thought of us serving humanity at our various local communities was even more beckoning as we gathered for the first meetings as a group.

Despite receiving miscommunication about the venue for the very first meeting, we were not deterred from the promise of becoming Rotarians to do good in this world. While individuals went to the Golf Club in Lumley others proceeded to the Aqua Club at Aberdeen which was later very instrumental in coining the name for the club, an informal meeting did actually happen at Golf club with only two interested person – Manaff Kamokaiand Miatta French.  
None the less, we did hold our very first formal meeting the next week at Aqua Sports Club chaired by Rtn Sheila John with Eight (8) interested persons present. These were; Manaff Kemokai, Miatta French, Larry Sesay, Mariama Sesay, Emerlin George, Femi Barnes, Adrian Labor and Lena Thompson.

The next meeting happened soon after with double the number of interested persons and three months later, on the 9th of May 2014, a new Rotary Club in Sierra Leone was chartered with a total of 28 members. (see attached Roll of Names of Chartered Members).

The new club started meeting every fortnight and through these meetings, members received so many trainings on the ideals of Rotary, planned club activities and received shared experiences from Rotarians of The Rotary Club of Freetown. Various speakers from the Rotary Club of Freetown would come in from time to time and share their personal experiences among other things as Rotarians.

However, before being chartered as a Rotary Club, there was a gnawing urge to coin a name for the club and we had come up with a list that had been debated for weeks without success. So, during one of the pre – charter meeting in February 2014 at Aqua Sports club where we were all seated by the garden facing the sea, braving the painful bites of the “mutmut”, we suddenly witnessed a beautiful sunset. There and then, we all resolved that the word “ Sunset” had to be part of our club name; hence the club name “Freetown-sunset”.
The First Election was conducted by Rotarian Sheila John and the 2013/2014 President of the Rotary Club of Freetown Rotarian Christian Kamara at the Aqua Sports Club.  Larry Sesay unanimously and in absentia was selected as the Chartered President of the Rotary Club of Freetown Sunset.

Immediately after the elections, the dynamics and the mood of the gatherings changed.  Meetings became a “must be place every Wednesday”.  Members come with much expectation and we were sure they will leave the meeting with smiles and a joyous spirit.  The culture of the club was established at that very early stage.  Meetings were lighthearted, fun, amazing; fellowship awesome and very interactive as a small group of professionals got to know each other better every other week.  This mood of Fun & Fellowship evolved into more regular fireside at the homes of Rotarians and Baw Baw Beach.  

We realized that we had much more accomplished when we meet informally and so this became the culture of the club.  After almost every humanitarian activity, donation or visit to underprivileged communities, we will end the day by a fireside. As usual, the fellowship was fantastic.

Our first formal meeting after being chartered was held on the 14 May 2014 and subsequently, every Wednesday after this.  Our very first formal Dinner and Gala was held on Friday 4 July 2014 at Bank Complex, Kingtom at 7:00pm. 28 members were inducted by the Assistant Governor Rotary Sierra Leone Sheila John.

Rotary Club of Freetown-Sunset can be described in one sentence as —
“ A team of dynamic professionals who are passionate about putting smiles on the faces of other and in the process we too are smiling – being  elated, revived  and charged to do more – making life better for the deprived and needy in our communities”.

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