Millicent Cole Becomes President of Rotary Club of Freetown-Sunset

Monday, July 8th 2024

 As it celebrates its tenth year anniversary, the Rotary Club of Freetown-Sunset has inducted Millicent Cole, a senior banking executive from the Rokel Commercial Bank as President for the 2004-2025 Rotary year. The Freetown City Council Auditorium which served as a venue for the glamorous event past Saturday attracted many rotarians and a host of eminent personalities from the corporate world, the public sector, sponsors and well wishers.

As per the organization’s tradition, Madam Millicent Cole was inducted alongside other officers for an executive she will be leading from the 1st of July 2024 to the 30th June 2025. A distinguished member for nine years, Millicent Cole has severd Rotary in various capacities at local and international levels. She was Sergeant-at-Arms, Director for different committees within the organization, and has also served as District Treasurer for District 9101 with an extensive portfolio covering Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Burkinafaso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

In her innaugural address as president for the humanitarian outfit, Madam Millicent Cole said her focus this year would be centered around sanitation – building public toilets and wash facilities, health, women and girls empowerment, and the less privileged. She said her organization would be collaborating with the Freetown City Council and other relevant organizations to implement these proposed interventions.

The Rotary Club of Freetown – Sunset has distinguished itself over the years as a veritable charity – championing the renovation of schools, construction of boreholes, provision of solar panels to the Ola During Children’s Hospital and tree planting in collaboration with the Freetown City Council among others. Millicent Cole’s induction as President of the Rotary Club of Freetown-Sunset is a testament to the organization’s ability to attract people from diverse backgrounds whose talents are being tapped to serve humanity.

The theme for Rotary International this year is “The Magic of Rotary” which has been incorpoated by rotary clubs worldwide to highlight the enduring spirit of the organization’s membership in working to transform communities.

Our last Club Assembly for 2023/24 Rotary Year

As we approach the end of the 2023/24 Rotary, it was great having our last Club Assembly that looked at all the progress made this year and how we can be better for the new Rotary year.
Many thanks to our Rotarian Assistant Governor Christian for attending. We appreciate your insights and support.
Job well done to our Rotarian President Emerlin, the board and all Rotarians for having a very successful year.